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We all know the importance of our oceans, not only for the balance of life but for its beauty and mystique. It holds millions of lives within its delicate ecosystem and has millions more relying on its bountiful world for food, tourism, science, and 70% of the air we breathe. We also know, that within the past few decades, its health and the organisms living within it, has declined drastically. Something must be done.

The Knights of Neptune is a network of passionate, future-minded people who want to save, and secure the ocean and its life, for our present, and for the future generations that will inherit it. That network is YOU!

Anyone can be a Knight, all it takes is a willingness to care. A future where our seas are without plastics and brimming with colorful life is possible but change must happen. A Knight of Neptune is someone who influences change big or small, size matters not when we work together and by being united, we can bring about change. There is no day better than today to support what you believe in.


Okay, sounds good but where does my money actually go?

It is important that you know just exactly where your contributions go, and for our $10,000 goal, the proceeds are split between World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the charity that made this all possible, CharityTVGlobal. Anything beyond our $10,000 goal goes straight to WWF, and more specifically, to their ocean-conservation drive.

... And what does the WWF ocean-drive do?
WWF strives to establish the largest net free area in the Great Barrier Reef, a some 85,000km stretch. That means free reign for animals, like turtles, who die in nets and are discarded after. Not only that, but all donations will go towards reducing plastic pollution, creating national network sanctuaries and increasing habitat protection all around Australia. 


Why Neptune?
Neptune is a universal representation of strength whose realm is the sea and thus he made the perfect symbol for my campaign. Like Neptune, our goal is formidable and our will as Knights, unwavering. Plus, what better choice than to choose a deity representing the sea in common knowledge and popular culture?

Why am I fundraising and how can you help me?

You don’t know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone. Australia is surrounded by some of the most incredible coast lines and oceanic environments on the planet. Our Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems and our northern oceans are some of the last remaining healthy tropical seas. A staggering 80% of marine species in our Southern oceans are found nowhere else on Earth. Despite fondly identifying as a nation enjoying enviable coastal living, Australian oceans and marine life are under serious threat. Marine Conservation organisations need our support to restore and sustainably manage our precious ecosystems, continue vital research and to protect our unique and diverse marine life from further damage and extinction. By donating to my fundraising campaign you’re helping me to highlight the importance of educating the community on Environmental Sustainability and conserving our natural wonders. 



Charity TV Global has been producing inspiring TV content since 2005. In that time many awards have been won, both in Australia and abroad. Current TV broadcast deals are in place for Australia (Seven Network’s 7Two) and New Zealand (TVNZ 2). As a registered ACNC entity, Charity TV Global Foundation has created an award-winning filming and fundraising platform (Adventure All Stars), with net proceeds from every project distributed to their philanthropic partners. As a socially conscious organisation their mission is to use entertainment as a vehicle to steer global audiences into ‘giving back’.

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