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The Australian bush-fires are a tragedy for all. 

An estimated 18.6 million hectares, 5,000+ buildings destroyed and at least 30 people are dead. In this national tragedy the whole world has been watching and showing their support. The Australian government and multiple fundraisers have received a combined amount of 500 million dollars in an effort to stop the fires, and rebuild what has been lost. However amidst all the noise, something has been left behind.

At least 1 Billion animals are dead, their homes and way of life destroyed. 

Many of Australia's beloved animals are endemic, this means they are not found anywhere else in the world. If we lose them now, we lose them forever and this goes for our marine life as well. Our Great Barrier Reef is suffering, pollution has accelerated an extinction event, and now with the impact of the fires, innumerable numbers of wildlife has been lost.

I want this to stop, but I need your help.

None of the money raised is mine, and while it would be nice to have 10k, I've made sure that not a single cent goes to me but rather to a cause we all need to believe in. CharityTVGlobal is an internationally respected organisation who has partnered with the 'Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife' in order to raise awareness for the lesser known plight of Australian Fauna both on the land and in the sea.


A message from Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

FNPW is the charity partner of Australia's National Parks. We’re a non-government organisation on a mission to protect Australia’s ecosystems and native species for generations to come. We believe in conservation, not only because it protects native plants, birds and animals, but also because it protects us. 

After all, you simply can't be healthy in an unhealthy environment. 

By acting now to protect nature and prevent extinction, we can secure a better future for all. 48 National Parks & protected areas across Australia would be smaller or non-existent if FNPW had never existed. 100% coverage: FNPW has funded conservation projects in all of Australia’s states & territories. 600+ scientifically-based Australian conservation projects funded by FNPW. 

Populations of Marine Mammals, Birds, Plants and Fish are in serious decline globally...including those that live right here, in the vast stretches of saltwater of which we are guardians. If we lose them from our waters, they are lost to the world forever! 


  • More than 90% of Australia’s shellfish reefs have now disappeared 
  • In the 20th Century, the world’s seagrasses declined by over 30% 
  • Between 1980 and 2005, nearly 20% of all mangrove cover globally was lost 
  • At least four turtle species (Hawksbill, Kemp’s Ridley, Green and Loggerhead) are listed as endangered or critically endangered 
  • Between 1970 and 2012, species of fish including tuna, mackerel and bonito, declined by as much as 75% 
  • One in four species of sharks, rays and skates is now threatened with extinction, which has a terrible flow-on effect for the marine ecosystem 

*Hoegh, Guldberg et al., 2015 

Right across Australia, native animals that are important to our ecosystem are declining at an alarming rate. Native animals like koalas, gliders, echidnas, wombats, bandicoots and many species of birds and reptiles now have to scale fences, cross busy roads, negotiate backyards containing dogs and cats and move over entire paddocks with no tree cover, exposing them to predators. With your support, we can help protect nature in a way that preserves it for generations to come. We need to Connect to Protect. 

Why am I fundraising and how can you help me?

You don’t know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone. Australia is surrounded by some of the most incredible coast lines and oceanic environments on the planet. Our Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems and our northern oceans are some of the last remaining healthy tropical seas. A staggering 80% of marine species in our Southern oceans are found nowhere else on Earth. Despite fondly identifying as a nation enjoying enviable coastal living, Australian oceans and marine life are under serious threat. Marine Conservation organisations need our support to restore and sustainably manage our precious ecosystems, continue vital research and to protect our unique and diverse marine life from further damage and extinction. By donating to my fundraising campaign you’re helping me to highlight the importance of educating the community on Environmental Sustainability and conserving our natural wonders. 

 Net proceeds raised throughout this project will be granted to the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife


Charity TV Global has been producing inspiring TV content since 2005. In that time many awards have been won, both in Australia and abroad. Current TV broadcast deals are in place for Australia (Seven Network’s 7Two) and New Zealand (TVNZ 2). As a registered ACNC entity, Charity TV Global Foundation has created an award-winning filming and fundraising platform (Adventure All Stars), with net proceeds from every project distributed to their philanthropic partners. As a socially conscious organisation their mission is to use entertainment as a vehicle to steer global audiences into ‘giving back’.

Testimonials, past fundraising successes, TV shows, extensive press coverage and more can be found at



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