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Hi Everyone.

My name is Darrin.  I own and operate a "small group tour" business here in Cairns Tropical North Queensland Australia. I'm so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by complex and fragile world heritage listed habitat. Yes this is my office created for our enjoyment and care. Being able to share this creation each day with so many wonderful people from all over the world is indeed something I never take for granted. In-fact I have a vested interest in promoting and preserving this fragile Eco-system for as long as we possibly can in a balanced and proactive way. 

However, as I continue to showcase this natural wonderland as guide, the past six and a half years have also enabled me to sharpen and develop my listening skills and deepen my compassion for a particularly large cross section of tourists from all over the world.  You see being a small group tour guide, often finds you dealing with couples, families or a group of friends who are taking a break from what life has thrown at them. Some folks tour to simply disengage from past or present battles, and others don't mind sharing their sometimes heart breaking story with the tour guide. Either way, as the day continues and we become friends, I am staggered at the amount of people who have been directly touched by Breast Cancer.  I get to hear all sorts of names for it, some call it the "Big C" or "Spanish Dancer" regardless there is no escaping its ugliness. Just the mere mention of the word cancer makes people listen or tremble.

Cancer in and of itself is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 7 million deaths a year, with b reast cancer accounting for around 3 million of those deaths. It does not discriminate, and even effects to a lesser degree young women and men. For example just in Australia approximately 18,300 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020.  This means approximately 50 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each day of the year. 

As a result breast cancer will continue to effect nearly every human on the planet either directly or indirectly.  Closer to home, I can testify to at least 7 individuals over a 15 year period whom we were and still are quite concerned for. We prayed for them every day after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and I've lost count of how many tourists have had to deal with this subject, it truly is mind-blowing how the subject just comes up without any prompting. 

Sadly breast cancer took one dear aunts from us and the reality for my family is that my wife, my sister in-laws, their cousins and mothers are all in a high risk category for contracting the disease. 

Okay enough negativity !!!  With that said we can all bury our head in the sand OR  may I suggest we simply donate. 

  Yes with everyone asking for money these days and with so many worthy causes to donate too It is a hard choice. Then there is the  economy and personal finances being at an all time low, the list goes on and on. These are common excuses and all to often they are real reasons not to give, I accept that. Even so, I have always been taught to consider the act of giving as a sacrifice to you for someone else to be blessed by. The size of that sacrifice depends on just how overwhelmed your donation can be to an individuals or family's  suffering, or to a researcher in a lab on the brink of something huge. Even a simple $10.00 donation will create a positive change and bring the anxiety level and the death toll down across the board as a result.

Please consider the above, and be as generous as you possibly can. 


Why am I fundraising and how can you help me?

“It won’t happen to me”. That’s how many of us feel about cancer until we – or someone we love – receive an unexpected diagnosis. In 2019 alone over 3000 Australians, men and women lost their lives to battles with breast cancer and over 19,000 new cases were diagnosed. With one in seven women at risk of developing breast cancer the illness remains the second most common cause of death from cancer among females.

Australia has one of the best cancer survival rates in the world and when detected early, women have a much greater chance of being treated successfully and living full and healthy lives. Breast Cancer foundations need our support to continue to advance medical research in the quest for a cure, fight for improved treatments and educate the community on disease prevention and early detection.  By donating to my fundraising campaign you’re helping me in my quest to enhance medical research and treatments for the 53 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer every day , and to empower one another to seek early detection .  



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