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From a young age, I always dreamed of saving lives and had a heart for Africa. I finally got to travel to Africa in 2018 as one of my 30 goals for my 30th birthday! I volunteered with Water for Africa in Tanzania and saw first hand the dire need. I could not believe that women and children would walk about an average of 6-8kms just to access dirty contaminated water and were dying from waterborne diseases. Just the fact that people did not have access to clean drinking water in this day and age blew my mind. Definitely something that we often take for granted especially in countries like Australia where water can be drunk directly from the tap. This year I want to make a difference and raise awareness on the issue of clean water and sanitation which is a sustainable development goal that the United Nations would like to achieve by 2030. We have 10 years and I believe together we can do it! Help me raise money to build more wells in Tanzania through Water for Africa and let's actually save lives together!

Why am I fundraising and how can you help me?

One child dies every two minutes from water related diseases. Contaminated water can transmit diseases such diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio and is estimated to cause 502,000 diarrhoeal deaths each year. Water scarcity affects 1 in 3 people in the African Region and is getting worse with population growth, urbanization and increases in household and industrial uses. By 2025 half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.
Water is essential for life and good health. Fresh water is not only needed for drinking but also cooking, food production and a variety of other uses such as sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness practices. 2.6 billion people have gained access to an improved drinking-water source since 1990 and with your help I aim to provide even more support to remote African communities.

Net proceeds raised throughout this project will be granted to Water for Africa Inc.


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