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I'm Jennifer and my Border Collie Jed brought us here to bring veterinary care to pensioner's pets.  

Jeddi tragically ruptured 3 discs in his back when he was chasing seagulls at the beach in 2009.  Facing a $10,000 veterinary bill the choice was to lose him or quickly find the money.  To see your best friend lying injured by your side, feeling weak and helpless is gut-wrenching, but to not have any way to afford to make it better brings achingly fearful despair.

Pet Medical Crisis was born to save that despair.  Jed got his surgery (and 2 more over the same year) and lived to December 2018 aged 17 years.  At his passing Pet Medical Crisis had contributed nearly $400,000 into providing 500 Victorian pensioner's pets with veterinary care.  

2019 saw another $100,000 distributed to 100 pets for pensioners on aged, disabled, carers, single parents and newstart pensions.  Preserving the mental health of pensioners and vets as well as saving lives for their benefits, has a positive impact on the wider community.

To save loved pet's lives for pensioners is what we strive to do.

Our cause is to broaden Pet Medical Crisis's impact throughout Victoria in 2020 and to expand interstate in 2021.  With support and growth Pet Medical Crisis will become a national brand by 2025.

Funds raised are used in 2 ways: 

1. Public donations are channelled into paying for discounted veterinary care (without taking administrative fees). The public confidence in their donation making a real difference is measurable and a priority in our work.

The charity donates up to $1,000 per case and fundraises additional amounts where needed.

2. Philanthropy, grants and sponsorship support the charity's infrastructure - bringing increased activity, expansion and a greater reach by our services - breaking new ground to relieve despair every week.


We need your help to grow Pet Medical Crisis's infrastructure and donations so we can become stronger and have more traction in all of our activities.


With more man-power we can expand projects, contact vets who are yet to utilise our services and so create solutions for pensioner's whose pets are in danger of being unnecessarily euthanised. 

I’m excited to announce I’ve been selected as an official cast member of the socially conscious (and award-winning) TV series Adventure All Stars. Produced by the acclaimed Charity TV Global, this ground-breaking media format provides a platform for me to raise funds and exposure for a philanthropic cause I’m passionate about. Pre-filming I’m proud to be raising funds to support disadvantaged owners and pensioners meet the high cost of veterinary care for their beloved pet.


Why am I fundraising and how can you help me?

Pet Medial Crisis (PMC) was established in 2010 and since then have distributed over $500,000.00 to 600+ pets and continue to provide a much-needed service to our community. PMC raises funds to assist with the costs associated with medical intervention for companion pets. The pet owner’s inability to fund the care would otherwise result in death or significantly impact quality of life. With your support I can raise vital funds to support PMC with their mission to make pet ownership affordable for all, in particular the disadvantaged and pensioners.


Net proceeds raised throughout this project will be granted to Pet Medical Crisis



Charity TV Global has been producing inspiring TV content since 2005. In that time many awards have been won, both in Australia and abroad. Current TV broadcast deals are in place for Australia (Seven Network’s 7Two) and New Zealand (TVNZ 1). As a registered ACNC entity, Charity TV Global Foundation has created an award-winning filming and fundraising platform (Adventure All Stars), with net proceeds from every project distributed to their philanthropic partners. As a socially conscious organisation their mission is to use entertainment as a vehicle to steer global audiences into ‘giving back’.

Testimonials, past fundraising successes, TV shows, extensive press coverage and more can be found at




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