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Hello all,


So as some of you are aware I have been accepted to be a cast member for Adventure All Stars which I am super duper pumped for, but my role as a cast member is far more important than going on a crazy adventure and being on the main role, the one I am most grateful for is my opportunity to raise awareness and much needed funds for a horrifically tragic terminal lung disease silicosis


Silicosis, is caused by inhaling crystalline silica dust - a preventable but sadly irreversible deadly disease. People affected by this horrible disease are commonly adults in their 40's - miners, stonecutters, sandblasters, rock drillers, potters and ceramics workers, foundry workers and plasterers just to name a few.

For my friend Sera, featured in the image, this reality is all too real. Sadly, her loving partner has been dealt this unfortunate fate of the "tradies disease" silicosis. She will also a featured cast member for Adventure All Stars to raise funds and awareness for this disease that is directly affecting her.  

How many tradies do you know?? How many of those tradies do you think are aware of silicosis?? My guess is not many. I have asked plenty of my tradie mates if they had ever heard of silicosis and every single time the answer is NO. This terrifies me.

Adventure All Stars is not only a fantastic program to watch on 7plus, but also gives amazing opportunities for everyday people like myself  to raise much awareness and funds for many charities including my chosen charity, silicosis

My goal is to raise $10,000 to help support those affected by this deadly life sentence, to research for a cure and to make people aware that SILICOSIS IS PREVENTABLE!!!

Please donate whatever you can, even if it's only $1 - every cent counts! And if you can't donate, please share this post to help me spread the word!


With your help, I can make a difference guys. 


If you have any questions or want to know more - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks so much in advance!!!!

Crystal Gale


Why am I fundraising and how can you help me?

Help me advance lifesaving research into silicosis.
Silicosis is a deadly lung disease, described as the worst industrial health crisis since asbestosis. It mainly affects tradespeople who inhale toxic silica dust while cutting products like engineered stone benchtops, bricks, tiles and concrete. The silica dust settles in their lungs and stops their lungs from working. Silicosis cannot be cured or treated, and it’s often fatal. Each year over 500,000 Australian workers are exposed to silica dust. It has been estimated that 5758 of these will develop a lung cancer over the course of their life as a result of that exposure. Please support me to advance urgent research into a treatment for silicosis, so young workers in the prime of their lives no longer face a death sentence.

Net proceeds raised throughout this project will be granted to The Common Good (The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation)


Charity TV Global has been producing inspiring TV content since 2005. In that time many awards have been won, both in Australia and abroad. Current TV broadcast deals are in place for Australia (Seven Network’s 7Two) and New Zealand (TVNZ 2). As a registered ACNC entity, Charity TV Global Foundation has created an award-winning filming and fundraising platform (Adventure All Stars), with net proceeds from every project distributed to their philanthropic partners. As a socially conscious organisation their mission is to use entertainment as a vehicle to steer global audiences into ‘giving back’.

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