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The National Marine Corps Business Network Inc. is proud to be raising funds and promoting initiatives to help those who need it most. With an array of fundraising events and volunteer projects, we welcome you to join our endeavors aimed at giving mobility, freedom and independence to paralyzed vets.

To enter the Marine Corps is to undertake an intense experience of danger and adversity that is shared by very few. It is to push your body to the limit, testing the boundaries of what you are capable of and putting yourself at risk in order to protect others. 

Naturally, an intense bond is formed among the few Americans that have experienced Marine Corps service and training. Current and former Marines are united by a sense of belonging and shared values of hard work, excellence, and selflessness.   

These values remain even after Marines leave the service and return to civilian lives. This makes the maintenance and strengthening of these bonds among former Marines a natural way to support them in their post-military business endeavours. This is the work and mission of the National Marine Corps Business Network. Many former Marines remain high-achieving, powerful individuals well after finishing their time with the military, and the NMCBN helps them support each others’ professional goals and endeavours by facilitating communication, networking, and the sharing of resources. NMCBN connects its members in two ways; both in-person, and online. In person, networking events hosted by many different local chapters provide business owners, entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals with a space to gather over drinks and casual conversation, sharing resources, contacts, and strategies that help support each other’s career and business goals. Online, NMCBN’s private LinkedIn and Facebook groups function as an extended network of vetted professionals.

In 2018, NMCBN adopted the charity Mongo Chairs for Paralyzed Vets. This charity supports Marine veterans that are living with disabilities and paralysis from their time in service, funding and delivering custom wheelchairs so these deserving veterans can regain dignity and mobility. 

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